Need some help? Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers to assist you with your queries. 

About Peer2Gether

Peer2Gether is a financial platform that offers a range of opportunities for investors. It aims to empower individuals to achieve financial well-being and contribute to the betterment of society.

Peer2Gether operates 24 hours everyday. 

The minimum investment amount is $100. We don’t have a limit on how much you can invest. 

Investment plans falling under Rank A and B come with a robust insurance package provided by Trust Step. This insurance safeguard guarantees the protection of investors' principal amounts. In the unfortunate event of an investment plan not yielding the expected results, investors can rest assured that they will receive full compensation.

Furthermore, for investors in Rank C and those who have not opted for insurance coverage, Peer2Gether offers an additional layer of protection through our Buyback Guarantee program.

Once an investment is confirmed, you are not allowed to withdraw or cancel it.

Rank A - It has succeeded 5 times or more.

Rank B - It has succeeded 2 to 4 times.

Rank C - It is still new.

About H+

H+ is an e-wallet designed exclusively for Peer2Gether investors. Investors can choose to keep their fund in H+ to enjoy up to 0.15% daily profit, which they can withdraw from H+ anytime. 

All you need is RM100 to start saving in H+. There is currently no maximum limit to how much you can save in H+.

There is no risk and H+ investors will receive the daily interest at 12am everyday. 

Transfer your fund from Main Wallet to H+ to start saving in H+. 

About Insurance

Trust Step, a third-party insurance company, offers insurance packages to protect investors under Rank A and B. With this insurance, Peer2Gether's investors will receive full compensation in case of investment failure.

Rank A - 4% from the principal 

Rank B - 7% from the principal

Kindly contact our Customer Service for more details.

About Membership

Click the ‘Sign Up’ button on the top right corner of our Homepage. Fill up your details to complete the registration.

Identity Card, full name and bank details.

We do not impose any charges on our investors.

Login your account and go to ‘Wallet Statement’. Here you can see all of the transactions in your account, including your earnings.

Login your account and click on the ‘Add Fund’ button. Select your payment method and key in the amount.

At the login page, click ‘Forget Username/Password’, then fill up your mobile phone number or email to get an OTP that will be used to reset your username or password.

You can use your referral code to invite your friends and family to invest Peer2Gether. You can earn a P token from each successful registration.

No, because one bank account can only be registered for each Peer2Gether account.

About Withdrawal

Login > Click on ‘Withdraw’ > fill up your bank account details > click on ‘Send Request’ button.

You are only required to pay 3.5% of your withdrawal amount as processing fee.

No, you can’t withdraw e-cash from Bonus Wallet. E-cash can be used to invest in Peer2Gether investment plans.

You need to have at least USD50 in your Main Wallet in order to withdraw.

Buyback Guarantee

Peer2Gether provides Buyback Guarantee to investors who did not opt for Insurance. It can protect up to 80% of your principal by reselling your investment to Peer2Gether. 

You are only required to pay as low as 20% of your principal to to opt for Buyback Guarantee.

Invest in your lifestyle with Peer2Gether!